Top 3 Benefits of Automated Roller Blinds Adelaide

12 150x150 - Top 3 Benefits of Automated Roller Blinds AdelaideWindow blinds are a popular choice for homeowners that are looking to cover their window to block light or protect privacy. They look sleek, are easy to maintain and quite durable. Its design makes automated roller blinds Adelaide ideal for both traditional and modern homes. In addition, these blinds are also custom-fitted to every window. The best part is that it’s motorized, which means you no longer have to open or close it manually. You can do both of that – and more – with a push of a button. Apart from that, here are the top three benefits of automated roller blinds:


Maximum Safety for Pets and Children

Here’s what many people tend to miss out when we talk about the advantages of a motorized roller blind. A motorized roller blind features a cordless design that offers maximum safety for pets and children. This opportunity gives parents and pet owners some much-needed peace of mind. Any window cover that features cords or long silks can pose a suffocation hazard when children become entangled in them. Pets are also in danger of injury from corded window blinds in similar ways to children. With motorized window blinds being cordless, all of these threats will be reduced to the minimum.


Superb Protection from the Sun

Automated roller blinds Adelaide can help protect you, your furniture and décor at home from the raging heat of the sun. Direct sun exposure can potentially cause discolouration and damage to your furniture and decorations that you put inside your house. Fortunately, motorized roller blinds can negate all of these effects. It features a high-quality fabric that blocks away UV rays from the sun that can be harmful to both you and your furniture. In addition, you can even programme your automated roller blind to open and close at a specific time so that you won’t have to do it yourself.


Adds Security When You’re Away from Home


When you think about home security and window blinds, you might assume that it refers to closing the blinds to prevent people from peeking into your house. While this might be true, motorized window blinds offer a far more sophisticated yet beneficial approach than simply keeping your curtains closed. Since automated roller blinds Adelaide can operate automatically throughout the day, they will make it seem like someone is home, even if you’re actually not. This makes window blinds a potential deterrent to thieves than any other window covering, especially when you couple it with an automated smart home lighting system.