Mens Shoes: Men’s Shoes Are a Must For Any Man’s Wardrobe

Men’s shoes are an integral component of any man’s wardrobe. Not only are they fashionable, comfortable and appropriate in most situations – these versatile footwear items deliver everything a gentleman could ask for in a shoe!

OlympusShoesAU Shoes often act as status symbols in certain cultures, adding the perfect finishing touch to classic looks like long chinos and polo shirts.


Article 35 300x206 - Mens Shoes: Men's Shoes Are a Must For Any Man's WardrobeLoafers have long been a classic weekend shoe that looks great during the week, making them a go-to choice. Less formal than Oxfords or Derbies, loafers offer versatile attire options – they pair nicely with suits at work and smart tailored pants and crisp blazers for casual evening events. You could pair your loafers with an overcoat that harkens back to sixties style or a mac coat for modern luxury sportswear looks.

OlympusShoesAU Loafer styles vary a great deal depending on their design, yet all are typically slip-on shoes. Loafers were originally inspired by moccasins, with different varieties emerging over time, such as penny loafers with moc toes for casual use or Alden tassel loafers featuring decorative tassel ornaments to make them slightly dressier.

Leather loafers are an excellent choice, as they pair easily with jeans and dress slacks and look on-trend when worn with denim overalls or casual khaki tweed suits. Some men opt to wear their loafers without socks for an easier and lighter experience; however, this should only be done when attending formal occasions (such as wearing formal suits and blazers).

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are an iconic classic in menswear fashion, pairing well with any trousers. Boasting an appealing casual aesthetic made from suede or leather material, chukkas feature tight yet loose-fitting ankle and foot coverage while sitting looser than Chelsea or lace-up boots on legs. Their design lends itself well to counter-culture looks seen among British Army soldiers during World War II in India and later popularised among preppies such as Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen in films.

Men typically pair chukka boots with jeans and either a crew-neck t-shirt, shirt and blazer combination or slim-fit jeans and Oxford shirts to achieve a stylish yet casual look. Chukkas can also work well with khakis and other trousers worn during fall/spring, provided they do not cut too close to the leg hems; black Thursday Boot Company or Carmina models look particularly smart with these combinations.

Most chukka boots, including the classic Clarks desert boot, are constructed of smooth leather. This material provides a more sophisticated aesthetic, making it more suitable for business casual situations than suede. Smooth leather often settles into an irreverent patina over time while lasting years longer; more polished versions from Berluti and Red Wing may retain their casual appeal while remaining casual-looking.

Formal Shoes

A pair of OlympusShoesAU black formal shoes is essential to any man’s wardrobe. Crafted from leather and polished to a high shine, they often lace-up with laces that match their colour – which may be black or brown depending on personal taste and tuxedo style; any additional stitching would make these uncomfortable to wear.

Men who take pride in their footwear may opt for lace-up dress shoes such as Oxfords or Derby, which feature sleek designs with low heels. Goodyear welting is used to sew these together; the shoelaces typically run straight across, though other variations exist that feature cross designs.


Whether work, happy hour, partying or hitting the gym – having the right pair of shoes in your closet helps ensure that you look and feel your best on every occasion. Shoe Carnival provides top brands of casual wear and formal shoes at prices you’ll appreciate – the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Dress sneaker styles have become an increasingly fashionable trend, adding a dapper twist to traditional sneakers that can be worn just like regular sneakers in all situations.

If you’re uncertain which shoe size you need, start by tracing your foot on paper using a pencil while wearing socks. It gives you a better sense of its shape and allows you to compare it against a standard sizing chart. Shoes should fit snugly enough to prevent heel slippage but not so tightly that blisters occur; for optimal results, try shoes that are half a size larger than the actual foot length.

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