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Tindo Solar, named after the word ‘Sun’ in the Kaurna Warra Aboriginal language, has produced Australian solar panels since 2011. Tindo recently started decommissioning its old factory to make room for a new $11 million assembly plant.

Article 299 150x150 - Adelaide Solar Systems: Tindo Adelaide Solar SystemsTindo designs and manufactures technologically advanced, premium-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules explicitly made for Australian conditions. They also ensure that their supply chain is ethically managed. For more information about the Tindo Adelaide solar systems, click here.

Quality Check

Tindo Solar is an Australia-based solar panel manufacturer. Their original factory is at Technology Park, around 12 km north of Adelaide CBD. The original plant has a manufacturing capacity of 60 megawatts per year.

The company is a true innovator in solar energy. It has been involved in several patents related to the PV industry. It has also participated in the anti-dumping case against Chinese manufacturers.

Their panels have been extensively tested at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre in Alice Springs, which shows they are built to withstand the Australian climate. They are also highly durable and have a low failure rate (one in 200,000) compared to the industry average of one in ten.

The 410W Tindo Karra 72-cell module comprises 108 half-cut monocrystalline cells based on M10 wafers. Despite importing some required components, their panels are engineered and manufactured in Australia. As a result, they come with an impressive 25-year product warranty.

Built Like a Tank

Unlike most solar panels designed in Australia and then manufactured elsewhere, Tindo plans its products for our harsh Australian conditions. Their new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant uses the latest technology, automation and quality control. It also focuses on helping to create the next generation of high-tech, green, advanced manufacturing jobs in Australia.

The company’s name, ‘Tindo’, is derived from the Kaurna word for sun, fitting as the Adelaide-based manufacturer has made it their mission to produce technologically advanced solar panels that Australian households and businesses can use. They have even installed a substantial solar photovoltaic system on the Adelaide Central Bus Station, which can supply almost 70,000 kilowatt hours of free electricity annually.

With their office and factory located in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, they can offer customers a local service with the added security of knowing they can be easily contacted in case of any issues. They also make it easy to look after your solar investment with their corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance panels, which only require a yearly clean for flat roofs.

Performance Powerhouse

The Tindo solar panel manufacturing plant is located in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide. They distribute their panels to authorised installers around Australia.

Their panel manufacturing differs from the usual model, as they source their components from overseas manufacturers and combine them locally. They’ve forged partnerships with Q-cells solar cells, Dupont back sheets, Saint Gobain glass, Dow Corning edge seals and Bridgestone EVAsky encapsulant. They’re also developing a range of modules that use module-level Enecsys DC-AC micro-inverters to reduce the need for central system inverters.

Tindo panels are Tier 1, meaning they’re among the top 5% of world-class solar panels in terms of power output, efficiency and reliability. Tindo’s solar panel tolerance is 0 +/- 5 watts, much better than the industry standard of plus or minus 3%. For more information about the Tindo Adelaide solar systems, click here.

Their Australian office and main factory can handle warranty issues directly without relying on an overseas company in a different time zone. It is a big deal for people who want to be confident in their system’s ability to meet energy demands for decades.

Aussie Pride

Tindo Solar is an Australian-owned and operated business. They are very pro-Australian and support the industry through several initiatives. For example, they have instigated an anti-dumping case against Chinese manufacturers, which could have seen punitive tariffs on Chinese panels.

Their new factory in Mawson Lakes is producing world-leading solar modules. They also run an Australian Centre for Excellence in Photovoltaics, which brings together industry partners to advance solar technology in Australia.

The Karra 66 and more giant Karra 72 cells are designed to suit commercial installations. They both feature the same Mono-PERC cell type and offer panel efficiencies above the current market average. They also incorporate a Tedlar-based back sheet for added resistance against the elements.

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