New Car Paint Protection Adelaide

The world’s leading manufacturers of exterior vehicle accessories guarantee the quality and longevity of their paint protection products and services. Paint protection Adelaide is a critical component to the success of paintball masks, paint protection goggles and masking film. Opting for paint protection equipment and products from leading paint protection manufacturers such as Wurtzite, Procoat, Armalite, Intex, Armor Holdings, Ecksco, DevaCrete, and Schrade can mean saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on paint protection accessories over the life of a paintball mask. Wurtzite Intex Pure Paint Protection Formula, Ecksco Pure Paint Protection Formula, and Armor Holdings Pure Paint Protection Formula are a few of the top paint protection products on the market today. However, Wurtz has developed many Intex products that will benefit your paintball mask needs.

251 - New Car Paint Protection Adelaide

Intex Pure Paint protection Adelaide Adjunct is a revolutionary, low VOC, biodegradable clear coat paint protection additive that improves the surface texture and colour of dulled or pitted paintwork and minimizes scratches and swirl marks. Wurtzite’s Intex Clear Coat System, specifically designed for paint protection Adelaide, includes a protective, low VOC epoxy base, special coat additives and hardeners to improve the texture and colour of your painted paintwork. It also consists of a cutting-edge ceramic coating system that guarantees protection against abrasion and a high-gloss UV protection factor.

Intex Professional Paint protection Adelaide Film is designed to protect industrial flooring, painted finishes, windows, cabinets and showers, without slowing down or masking the natural grain or colour of the wood. The film is made of UV resistant, acid resistant, synthetic film that won’t degrade or yellow in the sun like other paint protection films. Intex Professional Paint Protection film has a factory standard finish and can be sanded flat or finished using an electric or manual sander. The Intex Professional paint protection film comes in two standard finishes:

Wurtzite Intex 50″ Professional Clear Coat Digital Paint Correction System is a cutting-edge, fully automatic paint correction tool. Intex 50″ Digital Paint Correction System automatically repairs, restores and updates painted finish surfaces with complete accuracy, restoring fullness and colour defects to full gloss. The Intex system works by exposing the finished image via a computer-controlled optic printer to an electron beam. Once the shaft is absorbed, the software digitally corrects the paintwork.

Quartzites are one of the most popular professional grade Intex products. It is available as both a spray-on solution and an applicator bottle, used in combination with a Wurtz machine. The spray-on product offers excellent coverage and sealants and can be applied in minutes with very little maintenance. Quartzites are especially effective on painted ceilings and walls, and Intex applicators are perfect for applying Wurtzites in and around electrical outlets. Quartzites are one of the most versatile painting tools and can even be used for glass.