Auctus Certified Aged Care Course – What You Need to Know

The Certificate III Aged Care (Aged Care Qualification (CHC) 30212) has traditionally been the minimum qualification to work as an aged care assistant or in a home and community care environment. However, many aged care assistants and independent living and caregivers hold this entry-level course and many more hold the certificate IV, the intermediate qualification. This is generally considered the best way of acquiring a job in this profession. For more information about Auctus aged care course Adelaide, click here.

Article 14 150x150 - Auctus Certified Aged Care Course - What You Need to KnowTraining in this field typically takes approximately eight years on average; however, there are several ways to shorten the training. For example, some aged people require more intensive training than others. This will, of course, depend on the experience and ability of the individual student.

There are many benefits associated with training as an aged person care assistant or independent living worker. The first advantage is the assurance that the training is recognized by the Australian government and is suitable for working in this environment. Secondly, it is often a rewarding career, and you can earn an excellent salary on the job, as well as being paid for your services. Thirdly, it provides employment opportunities in different types of settings including residential, assisted living, group homes, hospital care facilities, aged care institutions, nursing homes and private residences. Lastly, many training programs will train you in areas such as domestic violence, emotional abuse and neglect, self-neglect, and elder abuse.

If you are looking for a suitable Auctus aged care course Adelaide, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) requires that aged care training is undertaken by trained people who have completed at least three years of relevant training in the relevant area of aged care, independent living or personal care. Independent living training covers such areas as life skills, personal care, budget management, food safety, communication skills and personal hygiene. This training will cover how to operate in an assisted living environment, community living setting or a residential care facility. Training in this area usually takes about two years on average.

The program that is used to train aged people to work as independent living caregivers will vary from State to State. The National Occupational Classification will list the approved course by the State, which must also be approved by the Department of Health to be eligible for training.

Once qualified as an aged care provider, you will need to take continuing education to stay current on the latest technology and best practices to enhance your role as an aged care provider. Continuing education enables you to continually update your knowledge on the latest developments in the field. To get the maximum training benefits and the best pay, consider getting your training on the internet. For more information about Auctus aged care course Adelaide, click here.