3 Benefits of Eco-friendly Artificial Grass

16 150x150 - 3 Benefits of Eco-friendly Artificial GrassAustralia is known as one of the countries with the best recycling industries. Many citizens and business owners here do their very best to live a clean and green lifestyle. At the same time, people tend to incorporate as many eco-friendly practices into their everyday living and business as much as possible. Both natural grass and artificial grass offer eco-friendly benefits. However, many believe that the latter is the eco-friendlier lawn type – and there are many pieces of evidence to prove it. You can never go wrong if you switch to eco-friendly artificial grass. Here are three benefits to prove that:


Artificial Grass Conserves Water

The main concern with real grass is the rising water bills that homeowners tend to have, especially during the summer months. It has resulted in water shortages becoming a significant issue in various parts of the world. It has been a problem in a lot of Australian regions for quite some time now. That’s why it’s relieving to know that artificial grass is water efficient. Since it’s fake, it never grows; therefore, never needing any water for sustenance. The only time you’ll need to water your synthetic turf is when it gets dirty and needs cleaning. With the lesser use of water, you can save money on your monthly bills.


Artificial Grass is Composed of Recyclable Materials

Another benefit of eco-friendly artificial grass is its recyclable materials. Keep in mind, however, that not all fake grass is recyclable. That means you’ll need to do some research and have good decision-making to ensure that you land one that can be recycled. Good quality synthetic turfs can be melted down and made into new products. Most high-quality artificial grass as a 15 to 25-year lifespan. Afterwards, you can deliver it to the recycling centre.


Artificial Grass has Zero Carbon Emissions

Air position is a major problem among different regions in Australia and the entire world. The high traffic number is only making this issue grow bigger. If you have a real lawn, you’ll have to mow it at least once a month. You’ll be using a lawnmower that consumes fuel and emits gas, which contributes to carbon emissions. With fake grass, you don’t have to mow your lawn, which also eliminates any increase in your carbon emissions.


These are just three benefits that prove the effectiveness of eco-friendly artificial turf. Learn more about them by clicking this link. You can also visit our online store to purchase high-quality, eco-friendly artificial grass.