How Do Different Hearing Aids Work?

A hearing aid is a device specifically designed to enhance hearing in an individual with severe hearing loss by enabling sound to be audible to them. Hearing aids can also be classified as therapeutic devices in several countries and are strictly governed by local regulations.

A variety of different types of HC-Audiology hearing aids Adelaide are available to suit various individuals’ needs. The most common hearing aids include in-the-ear hearing aids, in-the-canal hearing aids, and bifocal hearing aids. Each type of hearing aid has its advantages and disadvantages. The selection of a hearing aid depends on the severity of the condition, frequency of noise to be dealt with, price, and the size of the individual’s ear.

The in-the-canal hearing aids, also called full-pattern aids, are usually made up of a combination of electronics. The materials are constructed to give the best possible results. These aids have the most flexible interfaces, with adjustable clamps as well as connectors at the back. These aids are operated using a push button, and the volume and clarity of the sound emitted by it can be adjusted using the same buttons. The controls can be placed at ear level for easy access, but the microphones at the front also need to be dealt with. In this case, the aids consist of a pair of microphones. In addition, this type of aids can transmit sound through larger earpieces than other types of aids.

The in-the-canal aids are also the most expensive type of aid to buy, and they have a variety of adjustments and settings. For example, the speaker’s volume can be increased or decreased, the level of transmitters can be increased or decreased, and each person’s sensitivity to sounds can be varied according to the user’s requirements. This type of aid works well if the damage to the inner ear is minimal and the hearing difficulties are not severe. However, this type of aid requires that the patient wear speakers to take time in listening. This process, however, does not take long, and users of these aids will find that they can start getting results the very next day of using them. Those who cannot afford an in-the-canal aid may choose a disposable aid with a microphone built into its design.

Article 38 150x150 - How Do Different Hearing Aids Work?Another type of aids from HC-Audiology hearing aids Adelaide is portable aids, ideal for people who cannot find suitable hearing aids at the stores. These aids have a variety of adjustments, ranging from volume controls, equaliser functions, voice coil adjustments, and tone control. These aids can be used in the car, on vacations, or whenever they wish to carry along their aid. The only disadvantage to the portable aid is that they cannot be taken along when travelling. It’s also important to check if the unit fits perfectly before buying because if it doesn’t, the individual may feel uncomfortable with the device.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) devices are the most complicated and most expensive of all devices to adjust. These devices require that the user manually adjust the volume of the device. BTE aids will usually have two buttons, one for the lower volume controls and one for the higher volume controls. While they are not as simple to adjust as the in-the-canal aids, those using BTE devices will find that they are more difficult to adjust than the in-the-canal devices, but they are also more prone to having tiny parts fall out.