Varicose Vein Treatments

There are several types of varicose vein treatments available today. Typically, they are performed in a doctor’s office and involve ultrasound and a local anesthetic. When you’re pregnant or are currently taking any medications, you should inform your doctor about your condition. You should also stop taking blood thinners before the procedure. Veins can cause blood clotting and should be avoided by pregnant women. ODESSEYVEINCLINIC Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide procedures may be necessary if non-surgical treatment doesn’t work.

Article 145 150x150 - Varicose Vein TreatmentsEndovenous ablation is another type of treatment for varicose veins. This procedure is usually performed by placing chemical solutions in the affected veins. The solution shrinks the veins and allows blood to flow better. After the treatment, the patient will need to wear compression stockings for several weeks. The varicose veins will disappear within a year. Patients may need more than one treatment.

Laser therapy is another type of procedure for treating varicose veins. This procedure involves introducing laser fibre into the affected vein—the laser energy which causes the vein to close and shrink over time. Known as radiofrequency therapy, it is also used for deeper veins in the leg. Phlebectomy is another form of varicose vessel treatment. This minimally invasive procedure involves removing a damaged vein through a small incision. The entire process usually takes thirty to sixty minutes, and some patients may need a repeat treatment to get rid of all of the affected veins.

Endovenous ablation is the most common method for treating varicose veins. It requires no anesthesia and takes an hour to complete. Most patients can go home after the procedure and immediately return to their regular activities. After the varicose vein procedure, they may have some discomfort but resume most normal activities. After the treatment, patients visit the specialist once a month to monitor the condition and discuss possible follow-up treatments.

Sclerotherapy is a known minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. After that, a chemical solution is injected into the affected vein to destroy it in this procedure. As a result, the affected vein becomes brittle and collapses, forcing blood to flow through the healthy vein instead. At any point, the vein is absorbed by the body. This type of treatment is often used to treat multiple varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is a popular treatment for spider veins and other smaller varicose veins. This type of ODESSEYVEINCLINIC Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide procedure involves injecting a chemical into the affected vein. This chemical causes the vein to close, and the body then absorbs the closed vein. The sclerotherapy process is generally painless, although associated with some side effects. You may experience stinging and itching after undergoing this procedure.