Plantation Shutters – Traditional Window Covering

Plantation shutters are a very strong and reliable window covering consisting of either a wooden frame with vertical slats and horizontal cords or roll up panels. Often installed within this wooden frame are louvres, panels, fabric and any other material that could be put within a framework. The plantation shutter’s louvres are normally fixed to the outside of the frame and open and close at the top and bottom. There is no support at the bottom of the louvres, and it leaves them hanging when the shutters are closed. The louvres are made to move in and out, preventing them from sagging and falling.

Article 22 1 150x150 - Plantation Shutters - Traditional Window CoveringPlantation Shutters Adelaide were originally made to control temperature and insulate from the sun. However, with modern technology, they have become much more versatile. They can now also be used to control exterior light. With plantation shutters, the windows open to allow hot air and the shutters closed to keep the cold air out. It is used to lower energy bills and keep the interior of the house cooler during the summer. It is also effective at keeping the hot sun out of the home when the windows are open.

However, because plantation shutters were once made for cold climates, they are often overlooked in today’s more humid and warmer climates. These windows still need to have their louvres opened and closed to let the desired amount of air flow through the windows. If there are not enough louvres open, the hot sunshine’s heat and humidity will penetrate the wood and cause damage. For this reason, one must check to make sure there are enough louvres to open all the windows at the same time.

When cleaning plantation shutters regularly, you will notice that sometimes dirt and mildew can build up on the louvres. It is due to the wood rot that occurs naturally with time and is very hard to get rid of. For this reason, it is important to have a cleaner that will remove the build-up easily. You can clean the louvres with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. You can use a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar to help loosen up any hard spots if you wish.

One of the most common uses of plantation shutters is to add colour to a room. Because of the popularity of these types of window treatments, they come in a wide variety of woods and shades. They are typically white or very light honey colour. You can purchase them ready-made, but if you would like, you can stain them yourself. If you decide to stain them yourself, you should consider the type of wood they are made of and its typical wear and tear.

Because these types of window coverings are so popular, they can also be found in a wide array of different hardware stores and home improvement stores. It can make it easier for you to find the specific colours or styles that you want. You can also find it on the official website that offers a much wider selection of these types of window covering. Whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, you will likely find what you are looking for at a plantation shutter store.