Starting a Re-Roofing Project? Read This.

When you hear the words re-roofing and re-shingling together, it may seem like they are synonymous, but they aren’t. Re-roof is usually the procedure of laying new shingles over old ones and cannot be done more than once, so this is not an option for houses with more than one level of the roof. Re-roofing would be a good option if your entire roof isn’t in top condition and doesn’t have any large or missing shingles or other damaged roof parts. If you are having trouble determining whether re-roofing Adelaide near me will benefit your home, you should visit your local hardware store as they can usually provide you with a free roof inspection.

63 235x300 - Starting a Re-Roofing Project? Read This.A re-roofing Adelaide near me procedure usually starts at the roof’s underlayment, which is the first layer containing water. This area consists of rubber, felt or shingle materials and channel rainwater away from the house and down the downspouts. As previously mentioned, roof leaks often start at the bottom of a shingle or rubber layer. Once these begin to leak, water seeps underneath and collects behind the tiles or shakes. While some roof leaks are perfectly normal and only obvious to a trained eye, others can be challenging to pinpoint because they are so hidden. Using an infrared camera, roof leaks can usually be identified within just a few hours.

After identifying the leak, the re-roofing process generally consists of inspecting the roof to determine what type of repair is needed, if any. If the leak is minor, most companies will suggest replacing only the damaged shingle(s) and rubber tiles.

In other cases, where damage has taken place along the roof’s entire length, completely replacing the roof may be required. Sometimes this may mean completely replacing the shingled roof or possibly lifting and replacing several thinner layers.

For larger, more substantial roof repairs, such as those requiring demolition of portions of the roof, roofing shingling and asphalt shingles may need to be replaced, as well as sections of the roof itself. If the damage requires roof refacing, this will also mean replacing the entire roof, including the underlayment and flashings. If you are planning to replace the entire roof, your best option may be to hire a reputable roofing contractor to perform the job in addition to re-roofing.

If you are planning to do the work yourself, you will need to purchase a complete roof replacement kit along with all of the materials and tools you will need. These kits are generally sold at local home improvement stores or by mail-order catalogues. You can usually find a large selection of these available online. When purchasing these kits online, it is important to follow any instructions included with the kit closely. Complete re-roofing jobs can be a complicated process and may require many visits to the hardware store, so if you choose to tackle the project on your own, make sure that you have ample time to complete the task.

Once you have decided to undertake the re-roofing Adelaide near me project, whether it be a do-it-yourself operation or enlist the help of a professional, the next step will be choosing the right materials. You may want to enlist the services of a home improvement contractor who can provide you with an entire kit that includes everything you need to re-roof your roof. If you’re not comfortable selecting and installing your materials, it may be wise to purchase a complete roof replacement kit.