Why Should You Consider Robotic Surgery?

Da Vinci robotic surgery is a highly advanced form of medical surgery that uses complex machinery and devices to make the operation quick and painless. Medical experts have developed the da Vinci Surgical System at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. This surgery is called the ‘Robotic Operating System’. The equipment used in the process is highly sophisticated, making it one of the best available in most parts of the world. It is made up of all the latest equipment and instruments that are made compatible with the latest operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh. Click for info on robotic surgery here in South Australia.


211 1 150x150 - Why Should You Consider Robotic Surgery?Robotic Surgery Adelaide is a leading hospital in South Australia dedicated to providing the most advanced and cutting edge equipment and technology to surgeons and patients. Da Vinci robotic surgery was first developed by top surgeons who developed the da Vinci robotic surgical machine, an elaborate robotic surgical unit. The first facility that used the da Vinci robotic surgery was in Tokyo University College of Medicine. The device is now used around the world by more than 1000 surgeons at almost all major universities. The most amazing thing about the robot is that it operates virtually without human assistance or interaction. Many surgeons are also using the da Vinci robotic surgery Adelaide to do almost any robotic surgery Adelaide surgeries with advances in technology.


There are various advantages of using robotic surgery Adelaide. Before introducing this robot into a surgeon’s surgery, there was a significant time delay in getting the patients fully operational. With the help of the da Vinci robotic surgery Adelaide, this problem is largely removed. The surgeon can get the patients fully functional within one hour, and the long process of stitching together the limbs has been reduced from more than two hours to just thirty minutes. Click for info on robotic surgery here in South Australia.


Another great advantage with the da Vinci robotic surgery Adelaide is that the patient can be operated safely and minimally. Traditional surgery has some severe risks associated with it, and these are generally associated with larger limbs and patients with poor health. However, with the help of the da Vinci system, a much smaller area of the body can be operated on at once and minimally, which is a much safer procedure. Also, minimally invasive surgery enables the surgeon to perform a wider variety of procedures. Some traditional surgeries only allow a limited range of surgery and leave scarring, but the surgeon can do almost any operation possible with this system.


Robotic surgery is used for more complex operations. For example, hand surgery is a popular procedure where doctors can reattach fingers and toes on the body. But surgeons can’t perform this surgery using traditional methods because it requires extensive surgery involving the amputation of several bones and the reattaching of ligaments. With the help of the da Vinci Surgical System, however, surgeons can do this surgery using only one part of the body. This means that patients will have quicker recovery time and will experience less pain than if they were to undergo the entire procedure using traditional methods. Click for info on robotic surgery here in South Australia.