A Step-by-Step Guide on Choosing the Right Solar Companies

Solar panels are a very good investment, which is why it’s extremely important that you find the right provider. As of the moment, there are a multitude of different solar companies Adelaide. How do you choose the right one among the bunch? It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time to go solar. In this article, we’re going to walk you through a step-by-step process of choosing the right solar company.

Step 1: Create a List of Potential Candidates

Article 232 Solar Companies Adelaide 150x150 - A Step-by-Step Guide on Choosing the Right Solar CompaniesFirst, make a list of prospective solar companies. Research and ask people close to you. Get all the necessary information as you can and list them down until you have a list of at least five potential solar companies Adelaide.

Step 2: Learn the Pros and Cons of Choosing a Local vs. National Provider

When comparing your provider options, it’s essential that you’re aware of the differences between local and national. The latter are larger companies that are more established and can offer more comprehensive services and warranties. On the other hand, local companies are likely to be more familiar with your state’s permitting requirements, as well as rebates. In addition, since they only serve your particular area, the process may move faster. It’s up to you now on which option you should choose.

Step 3: Check the Company’s Credentials

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of solar companies in Adelaide out there. However, not all of them are legitimate – some are not even qualified. That’s why you should arm yourself with the knowledge of knowing if the prospective solar company you’re about to choose has the right credentials. You can find out by asking for their license, business permit, as well as their portfolio. Make sure you select the company that has all three.

Step 4: Read Reviews

During your research, make sure you look at reviews of the prospective companies on your list. See if they have a good star rating on Google or if they have a good review score on the Yellow pages. You can even reach out to their past customers and see how they fared during their previous clients.

Step 5: Review Financing Options and Get a Quote

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to the top three solar companies Adelaide, it’s time for the final phase, which is asking for their financial options and a quote. There are different ways to finance solar panels; this includes paying cash, applying for a loan, leasing, or entering a power purchase agreement (learn more about it here). See if your prospects offer your preferred finance option.