Use Solar Panels Adelaide to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Solar Panels is the most abundant resource of clean energy available. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy derived from the sun. Solar energy is collected and converted into electrical energy with the help of photovoltaic cells or solar cells. The word solar panel itself is widely used to describe a solar module used for electricity production.


In this era of economic recession, more people are looking for alternative means to generate electricity. Governments, too, have realized the importance of solar panels Adelaide for electricity production. They are now encouraging people to use solar panels for generating electricity and even giving them prizes for some contests. This has increased the demand for solar panels and has also increased its utility cost. While solar panels consume many fossil fuels to produce free electricity, one needs to store extra electricity produced during the day for usage during the night and cloudy days.


It is a well-known fact that solar panels need sunlight to work properly. During the daytime, the sunlight falls directly on the photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. At night, there is not enough sun to absorb the required amount of energy, and so no electricity is generated. However, there is a possibility of using the stored energy in the form of direct current (DC). This alternate form of electricity is available at many stations and can be used for lighting homes, charging mobile phones etc.


One of the advantages of using solar panels Adelaide is that they do not create any pollution. The only thing to be concerned about is excess energy production. Net metering allows people to accumulate surplus electricity and use it in case of nights when there is no sun or for times when there is a deficit in the power grid.

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The process of collecting sunlight or photons is called photovoltaic. It involves the use of lenses to focus light on a small area. The light is transformed into a DC current which can be used directly by the PV panels. There are four types of PV panels, namely the crystalline silicon modules, the amorphous silicon modules, the PPC solar panels and the PV solar energy collectors.


The crystalline silicon modules are the most efficient of all. It takes less time to convert energy from the rays of the sun into usable electricity. Amorphous solar cells are the last type, which is the most expensive. However, with the recent developments in manufacturing, the amorphous solar panels Adelaide collect more sunlight and therefore generate more electricity than the crystalline ones.