How to Use a TENS Machine to Relieve Your Pain

The first TENS machines were used by physicians to relieve pain when performing surgery. The earliest models were mechanical and did not include all of the features that are available today. Today’s Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia offers a variety of different applications and methods of use.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is commonly known as electrotherapy. TENS works best with the application of electrodes to the skin. Electrodes are attached to the patient’s body or directly to the painful area.

An example of a Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia is the TENS machine. Physiotherapists often use these machines to relieve pain. A physiotherapist puts pressure on the patient’s body to generate a pulse with the TENS electrodes. Often other types of machines are used to provide the patient with varying levels of stimulation, including sound machines, light machines and sometimes machines that work with heat or cold. The physiotherapist will use a special kind of gel to apply the pressure to the patient.

With either side of the body receiving stimulation, either side of the body can receive the stimulus. This can help to relieve chronic pain and is often referred to as “nerve flossing”. For example, one side of your body may feel nothing while the other feels a tingling sensation. These sensations are signals sent from the brain that have been compressed and sent to the peripheral nerves.

Some people, who are in constant pain, find that using a TENS machine is very helpful. However, it is recommended that you take your machine with you if you plan on having it at home. The doctor who checks you out will also want to know about the equipment you are using to ensure it is right for you. Do not use a Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia if you are pregnant or on other medications or supplements that may affect the safety of the electrical current. Also, you should not use a Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia if you suffer from epilepsy or convulsions.

Article 271 150x150 - How to Use a TENS Machine to Relieve Your PainThe electrodes used to provide the tingling sensation and the electrical current for the machine on either side of your body need to be placed carefully to avoid injury to the skin or the muscles. You may feel some discomfort when you first put the pads on, but the discomfort will become less after several applications. To help you get used to the sensation, the physiotherapist will place a sponge inside the pads that will serve as a guide to your skin as you place the pads over your painful area once you have found a comfortable position to sit, lie down and try to focus on the tingling sensation as it begins to spread over the pain area. If you continue to do this each day, you will soon find that you can relax and take a deep breath as the tenseness in your muscles subsides.